The phrase most hated by photographers anecdote by Simon Evans

At least once in the life of every photographer, there is someone looking at his pictures who exclaimed: “What a great pictures! The photographer must have a very good camera”.

There isn’t a phrase which is so annoying for me, I turn purple in anger and I destroy everything (on your left you can see a picture when I get angry).

I wanna make you read a funny anecdote by Simon Evans.

An evening a friend of mine, who dabble in photography, was invited for dinner. He showed the pictures who had brought with him. The lady of the house, looking at his pictures exclaimed: “Beautiful, you must certainly have a very good camera!”. At the end of the dinner, when he was going away he told to the lady: “Excellent dinner: you must certainly have very good quality pans!” (Simon Evans)
Article translated by Annalisa Anne Zannoni


tale of many cities said...

LOL.. made a good point didn't he!

Hilary said...

A great comeback for sure. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

Catherine said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Marco, and for your link. I've added you also to my FB pages; I post my bird pictures there. Lots of great info on your blog!

Love the antecdote, too! Great reply!

The most irritating thing I've heard someone say - within earshot - lately was when I was taking eagle pictures and using a burst feature on my D90:
"I can't stand people who use the burst feature - they must just like the way it sounds... I mean, why would anyone need more than one picture of the same bird? If you get it right the first time, you don't need a second picture..."
And, this was photographers with 500mm lenses saying this!

Could not believe my ears! Taking pictures of living creatures, especially ones that move FAST, is not the same as taking a portrait of a building! I've taken thousands of hummingbird and eagles pictures, but wouldn't have gotten those amazing shots if I'd only taken one picture of each bird!

sk4t0 said...

SOOOOOO TRUEEEE I have heard that phrase a million of times since I start and believe me the damn camera is just a instrument to show other people how you see the world and what about composition? white balance? and all other features to make that great shot people!!! think before you talk!!!!

Alpha Ace said...

that was kinda funny but it was true. Still it will be forgivable when we already knew this kind of human nature.

Bro thanks for d link exchange and i had it done.

SOrry for the late reply. I had abandoned my blog very long time. 2day I will update it again ^^