How to photograph waterdrops reflecting smileys inside them

This picture is not a Photomontage, is the wonderful job of a professional photographer whose name is Margherita:

The explanation of this picture was given by Margherita itself to another user of Panoramio, i'm translating the part of the answer that we are interested in.
On a A3 format sheet create a face, with flowers or something else. The drop works as a lens, then remember to hung the image upside down more or less at 40 cm behind the drops.
The shutter speed must be very fast 1/6000-1/8000, use a very long focal that requires a lot of light, and possibly, shoot with sunlight in daytime or at night. Prepare an adjustable source of drops and sprinkle drops in 6 - 8 points. Shoot a serie of 50 poses and then change the scene, repeat the scene for another 20-25 times and then you'll see great results.
Thanks to Margherita for this precious tutorial.


Just For Fun said...

did you have a technique to take photograph waterdrops with camera digital?
please answer this, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I know this was a translation and that I should expect some differences from American *English. However, the first paragraph needs some improvements in Technical Writing.
It took too much work to learn how this was done. Here is what I think it should look like.
Step 1
Create a smiley face on a sheet of A3 using what ever strikes your fancy. Flowers were used here.
Step 2
Arrange the smiley face upside down so the shadow play will not look wrong in the finished shot. The water drops will invert the face.
Step 3
Place a clear plastic or glass sheet about 40 cm above the smiley face.
Follow the rest of the instructions
*I also know that some English folks will dispute my opinion that we Americans speak English at all.