DSLR Tips: Night Photography

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How to take successful photos at night, by Gordon Laing.
Photos taken at night can produce spectacular results – in fact many cities present their best views after dark. Night photography can also be very forgiving in bad weather, so if rain’s prevented you from grabbing the shots you want of a city, it’s well worth trying again after sunset.


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Eddie said...

I disagree with the use of a wide aperture. If using a tripod why wouldn't you use an aperture like f11 or f16 to ensure greater depth of field? This aperture also gives a more pleasing starburst effect to bright lights such as street lamps you'll need a longer exposure to compensate but since you're using a tripod this is possible. I would only use a large aperture (e.g. 1.8) if trying to hand hold. Also make sure the ISO is low if you're using a tripod so you minimise noise.

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