The selective color, How to leave the color only in some parts of the picture

The selective color is a very interesting post production technique and to use it properly you need a lot of practice.
The software I use to apply this technique is called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. I think this little guide could be valid also for the ones who use Photoshop.

Passages :

- Open with the graphic software a color picture and turn it in black and white. Save the picture with a different name. Close it without saving the changes. Than open the color picture and the black and white version.

- Use the clone tool. Click with the right button of the mouse on the color picture area we need. An X will appear on it. Now go on the black and white picture and click with the left button of the mouse on the exact point we appointed with an X on the colored picture. Keep the left button of the mouse pressed (as we were using the brush). The colors will replace the black and white images in this portion of the picture.

To use the clone tool in Photoshop you have to press the Alt button and click simultaneously to appoint the sourcing point. It is different than the Paint Shop Pro that uses the right button of the mouse to effect this operation.

This technique requires a lot of patience, therefore set the clone tool as “normal” and “soft”.
I would suggest to make a lot of experience (even ruining the pictures sometimes..). The good thing of digital photography is that we can always return to the starting point without problems.

Article translated by Giorgio Festa

Developing and training the photographic eye - Photography course - Lesson 15

This article is part of the online digital photography course.

How can we become good photographers? By observing! A photographer has a way of watching different compared to ordinary people, and learning to observe is not as easy as it may seems.

To acquire a "photographic eye" you have to practice a lot, with or without the camera, how Man Ray said "if you want to photograph, throw away the camera".

Go around the city taking pictures of what, on instinct, attracts you, experimenting different frames and "shoot, shoot, shoot the more you can to improve your skill" that's what a photographer thought me when I begun, it’s an excellent exercise, simple and very worthwhile, basically practice is essential.

It's essential to look at the pictures of the great masters of photography, contemporary or not, personally I improved a lot thanks to the book, "National Geographic Magazine 100 Best Pictures", a book that was given to me by a very important person, Chiara, an eclectic artist that contributed to my growth both as a photographer and a person.

Visit photography forums to talk and share your works with other photographers.

Even though your goal is to improve as photographers that doesn't mean that you should just watch pictures, don't wear blinkers, watch and learn from any kind of visual art, from the paintings of the great artists to comics, don't underestimate them, I think that reading comics is an excellent way to "train" the eye, comics of a certain level show often brilliant frames and a perfect image composition (as in this strip of Corto Maltese).

Make a cinematic culture, watch the great classic movies, those unfailing aside from your personal tastes, as "full metal jacket", "the untouchables" and "mary poppins", just to quote some, pay a particular attention to frames and the use of light.


In addition to the pictures of the great masters i suggest you to look at the photos that made history.

Translation by Nina Kozul

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Photography Technique: how to photograph the fire

It depends. The most important thing is first to decide the result you want to get, and then set the exposure. For example, to portray a match that is flaming up with well defined fire borders, you had better set on manual focus in order not to delay the shutter release.

Set the aperture to its fullest and try to work with times not above 1/60, over witch the flame will look like a whole not very pleasant to see. Various attempts are necessary and you need to work with another person: one that lights the match and the other one that shoots.
To increase or decrease the exposure i suggest to change the ISO of the sensor. The background had better be widespread and soft coloured.
The aperture will keep the background blurry, bringing out the burinig match.

By the way,there may be a number of different situations:

1) Burning fireplace:
Measure the exposire according to the fire, than underexpose it of al least two stops, than compenste the environment with the fill-in flash.

2) Fireater or else:
Measure the exposure according to the face of the fireater and then you may underexpose it, or do as described above.

3) Outdoor fire:
See point one, but without the fill in can underespose of just one stop if the outline of the people around the fire is a bit too soft.

4) Portrait with fire or candle:
Expose according to the face of the subject.

Article translated by Lucia Piccioni

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Nikon D90 Review by What Digital Camera.

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Photographic techniques

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The shutter is usually made by a fine metal curtain, extremely thin and delicate (you better not touch it!) that when lifted, lets the light in (juts like your home's curtains) and when down, stops the stream of light. In some reflex cameras, and some compact point and shoot there is no shutter , whose presence it's simulated by the light turned on and off of the sensor... Read More

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Both lens aperture and exposure time, hence diaphragm and shutter, affect the image in two different ways:

1°) By modifying the amount of light that reaches the sensor - the aperture affects the intensity of light, the shutter controls the time during wich the sensor i exposed to light... Read More

How many times we have seen wonderful nocturnal images of cities, with those irreal lights whose transform common urban landscapes into misterious places, with fantastic lights and colors?... Read More

Acquire a ''photographic eye'' requires a lot of practice with the camera.
Getting around the city (or wherever you please) taking pictures at everything that attracts your attention, or testing different framing and "shooting,shooting and shooting some more in order to improve", as one photographer i know once told me, are excellent exercises... Read More

This picture is not a Photomontage, is the wonderful job of a professional photographer whose name is Margherita: On a A3 format sheet arrange a face, with flowers or else. The drop works as a lens, then remember to hung the image upside down more or less at 40 cm behind the drops... Read More

Portrait is the more practiced photographic genre in the history of photography.
This genre is not easy and should not be underestimated. Technique skills are essential and they have to be combined with the photographer personal sensibility to make a real portrait... Read More

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The use of flash.
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The selective color is a very interesting post production technique and to use it properly you need a lot of practice.
The software I use to apply this technique is called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. I think this little guide could be valid also for the ones who use Photoshop... Read More

Since a long time I was wondering how to replace the Mona Lisa's face with my own one. The main problem was how to to make my skin the same as that of the Mona Lisa, and finally I did it thanks to the help of my friend Emanuela. This is a professional photomontage technique, and my personal image (the Mona Crupi) is just an example. The same method can be applied to other images... Read More

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