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Topics covered: in-depth photographic theory and technique, photographic genres and historical mentions, in addition there are articles written by photographers expert in different areas, an extensive chapter on studio photography, tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop.


The Camera: Different kinds of digital cameras - Photography Course - Lesson 1

The revolution of digital photography allowed everyone to have more access to this hobby, thanks to the fact that prices have been reduced since the times when film was used.

"Which camera should i buy?" is the first thought of any wannabe photographer; the choice... READ MORE 

The Camera: The lens - Photography Course - Lesson 2

The word "photograph" derives from the Greek and means "drawing with light".

The light that hits an object (or the framed scene, more properly) is reflected and enters the camera lens and the picture that appears is recorded on the sensor... READ MORE

The Camera: Shutter and Aperture - Photography Course - Lesson 3

The aperture is a device with a circular or polygonal shape, composed by thin metal sheets that, sliding on each other, create a variation of the diameter size of the aperture that controls the amount of light... READ MORE

The Camera: Mirror and Pentaprism - Photography Course - Lesson 4

Reflex cameras, also known as SLR (single lens reflex) are called this way because of their framing device is composed of a mirror, with a 45° inclination in relation the lens, and a pentaprism... READ MORE

The Camera: Viewfinder and LCD screen - Photography Course - Lesson 5

The viewfinder is a device that allows to view the framed scene.

In cameras you can usually find four kinds of viewfinders... READ MORE

The Camera: the sensor - Photography Course - Lesson 6

Before the advent of digital photography the image was immpressd on film, now on the sensor, oviously they react in a different way and in both black and white an colour are different(and not better)... READ MORE

Sensors sizes in digital cameras - Photography course - Lesson 7

According to the type of camera, the sensor’s size changes, in the upper image you can see the various sensors’ sizes, the biggest one is the 36x24mm, also called full frame... READ MORE


SD Memory Card Guide - Photography course - Lesson 8

This article is meant to explain how memory cards works aside from the technology that will continuously improve... READ MORE

Filters - Photography course - Lesson 9

In the times when photographers used film they couldn't do without filters, while today it's pretty uncommon to find someone who uses them... READ MORE

Extension tubes and supplementary lenses - Photography course - Lesson 10

These accessories are used for macrophotography, usually they are used by novice amateur photographers that have a limited budget, a macro lens is usually pretty expensive... READ MORE

The light meter and the exposure methods - Photography course - Lesson 11

The light meter can be internal (built-in in the camera) or external and it's a tool of vital importance for a photographer... READ MORE


The light - Photography course - Lesson 12

We spoke of the camera and its main accessories, but the most important thing in photography is the light, the word photography itself derives by the union of two Greek words phos... READ MORE

How to hold your camera - Photography course - Lesson 13

Once bought our camera (i.e. a reflex) we have to learn how to hold it in our hands, there is a correct way of doing it. I don't think about applying it literally... READ MORE

Human eye vs Camera - Photography course - Lesson 14

Photography allows us to see and record the world with particular and personal nuances, making it an art and not just a method to record images... READ MORE

Developing and training the photographic eye - Photography course - Lesson 15

How can we become good photographers? By observing! A photographer has a way of watching different compared to ordinary people, and learning to observe is not as easy as it may seems... READ MORE

The image composition - Photography course - Lesson 16

Many persons succeed in obtaining correctly composed pictures without having studied, because they have an instinctive sense of composition... READ MORE

The visual perception - Photography Course - Lesson 17

Usually, when someone is about to approach photography the first thing he does is to buy a camera. Often he takes a more or less in-depth course, where he learns basic technique, as aperture, times, ISO... READ MORE

Black and white or Color - Photography Course - Lesson 18

If you reached this part of the course starting from the beginning and following all the advices, it means that you already bought your camera... READ MORE

The focusing - Photography Course - Lesson 19

When your camera focuses on the target have you ever wondered how it works?

When you rotate the focusing ring (even when you use the auto focus) you are just regulating the distance... READ MORE

ISO, apertures, depth of field and shutter speeds - Photography Course - Lesson 20

Let's start with a little experiment: try taking a drawing sheet and a paper handkerchief, a felt-tip pen with a very big tip and one with a very thin tip, no matter the color... READ MORE

Digital camera modes - Photography Course - Lesson 21

Now that we have seen what are times, apertures and ISO let's see how to set them in our camera, we're going to talk about the shooting programs... READ MORE

The image formats - Photography Course - Lesson 22

Before starting photographing it's better to set the format in which our pictures will be saved on the flash card, there are different formats and we choose, depending on our needs... READ MORE

How to organize your pictures without using programs - Photography Course - Lesson 23

One of the great problems of a photographer is to organize and archive his pictures, without creating disorder and confusion... READ MORE

Safe backup for photos - Photography Course - Lesson 24

Now let's deal with a topic that worries the photographers that moved to digital, that’s the risk to lose your pictures... READ MORE

The histogram - Photography Course - Lesson 25

The histogram is an essential tool in digital photography, but many people don't know what it is or don't give it the due importance. Its purpose is to understand if the exposure is correct... READ MORE

The advantages of overexposure in digital photography - Photography Course - Lesson 26

This article is a brief guide that explains the overexposure in digital photography and its advantages... READ MORE

The Bracketing - Photography Course - Lesson 27

The bracketing is a photographic technique used while shooting; it consist in photographing the same subject... READ MORE

HDR photography complete guide - Photography Course - Lesson 28

Much has been written on the HDR (High Dynamic Range), above all about the shooting technique and the used software (Photoshop, Photomatix Pro, Easy HDR etc...)... READ MORE

The white balance - Photography Course - Lesson 29

The white balance (WB), is often used in marriage photography where is important for the bride's dress to be of a pure white unaltered by color dominance... READ MORE

The gray card and its use - Photography Course - Lesson 30

In conditions of mixed light our camera may have many problems in balancing the white, in this case it comes in help the 18% neutral gray thin cardboard that is used to calculate the exposure... READ MORE

Shooting for digital, photographs previsualization and the photoshop fake myth - Photography Course - Lesson 31

One of the greatest photographic theories and techniques of the 20th century was related to the zonal system conceived by the great photographer Ansel Adams... READ MORE

H.C. Bresson and the trashcan, three elements for a good photo - Photography Course - Lesson 32

H.C. Bresson is the author of a statement that we can find in the 80% of the signs in the photography forums: “To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”... READ MORE


Documentary photography, photographic genres - Photography Course - Lesson 33

“Documentary is a very sophisticated and misleading word. And not really clear. You have to have a sophisticated ear to receive that word. The item should be documentary style. An example of a literal document would be a police photograph... READ MORE

I was struck, while reading the editorial of Emanuele Costanzo on Foto Cult of June 2009, by the precise description of the actual situation of all virtual photographic clubs saying that : “…not all genres have the same preference by photographers... READ MORE

The Portrait, photographic genres – Photography Course –  Lesson 35

A photographic genre that doesn’t need presentations, used also in other types of visual arts. Portraits can be realized both outdoors and in a studio... READ MORE

The photo-portraitist, photographic genres – Photography Course – Lesson 36

There are many photographic genres that are made for indoors, the still life, photos of objects of small or big size; fashion pictures in which skilled models... READ MORE

What is Street photography, photographic genres – Photography Course – Lesson 37

Giving an complete definition of Street photography isn’t easy at all. We could start saying that it’s a photographic genre, more precisely a type of reportage. Street Photography is in fact a snap shot of urban life... READ MORE

Fashion photography, photographic genres - Photography Course - Lesson 38

Entering a clothes shop, you’ll surely notice the beautiful pictures, well realized in studio... READ MORE

Glamour photography, photographic genres – Photography Course, lesson 39

“Glamour” is related to words like charm and appeal, which means that glamour pictures are necessarily nude shots, like many erroneously think; all the photos that deliver charm and seduction can be considered “glamorous”... READ MORE

Naturalistic photography, photographic genres - Photography Course - Lesson 40

Naturalistic photography is without any doubt one of the most fascinating photographic genres... READ MORE

Naturalistic Macrophotography, photographic genres - Photography Course - Lesson 41

With "macrophotography" is usually indicated the picture whose subject is captured on a sensor in scale 1:1 up to 10 times its original dimensions, this means... READ MORE


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