Photographic Culture

Photographic culture, together with technique (that you can learn in our photographic course) it’s an essential part in the training of a photographer. In this section you'll find 3 lists: Photos that made history (pictures that marked an époque) Masters of photography and History of photography.

Photos that made history

Behind every photograph there's a story, especially in the case of these pictures I'm listing, photos that represent an entire age or important historical events, photos that aren't just documents but artworks full of significance.

Since the beginning of photography until now, all the photographs that made or reported the history of mankind, the list will be continuously updated... READ MORE

Masters of Photography

All the best photographers of the world in the last 100 years.

In this article you can find the great masters of photography such as: Ansel Adams, Robert Doisneau, Harry Callahan, Andrè Kerte'sz, Bill Brandt, Diane Arbus, Arnold Newman, Walker Evans, Lewis Hine, Yousuf Karsh, Gordon Parks, William Klein, Cindy Sherman, Helen Levitt... READ MORE

History of photography

The complete history of photography from 1569 until now... READ MORE

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